Luis Von Ahn, a Guatemalan entrepeneur created the reCAPTCHA popularised by Google.


Guatemala is a pioneer in the coffee industry and is the birthplace of instant coffee.


Guatemala has a vibrant fashion culture and birthed blue denim clothing.


The first ever chocolate bar was created in Guatemala and it's cocoa has been cherished since the Mayan era.


Guatemala is home to leading scientists such as Ricardo Bressani, whose contributions to science have been recognised worldwide.

Famous Innovators

Ricardo Bressani

(1926 – 2015)

He received a B.Sc. degree from the University of Dayton (in Ohio).
• A Master’s degree from Iowa State University.
• He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Purdue University
• He published over 500 scientific articles and has received many awards and honors including:
• The Albert Einstein World Award of Science.
• The Quetzal Order from the President of Guatemala.
• The Scientific Prize of México.
• The Ibero American Prize in Science.
• Food Technology from the Mexican Government.
• The International Prize for Nutrition.
His experiments lead to the creation and production of Incaparina, a nutritional supplement based on a mixture of flours, that has helped to fight hunger and malnutrition in many countries

Federico Lehnhoff Wyld


Doctor and Scientist. He developed an instant coffee process along with Eduardo T. Cabarrus. (1909-1911), creating an instant coffee type. He established the “Société du Café Soluble Belna”.


Aldo Castañeda

Aldo Castañeda has played a vital role not only in the development of neonatal and infant heart surgery, but has also trained, mentored and influenced countless number of surgeons and their colleagues all over the world. Recruited to Boston Children’s Hospital in 1972, Castañeda served as the center’s chief of cardiovascular surgery and surgeonin-chief for 24 years.

• 1957 Justo Rufino Barrios Prize, University of Guatemala.
• 1966 Distinguished teacher at University of Minnesota.
• 1999 Fish Medal, Texas Children's Hospital
• 1999 Distinguished Teacher Award American College of Cardiology.
• 2004 The Quetzal order,Gran Cruz, Guatemala
• 2005 Distinguished Service Award, American College of Cardiology
• 2005 Founder's Award American Academy of Pediatrics.

Luis Von Ahn

Von Ahn was born in and grew up in Guatemala City. He is of German Guatemalan descent.

Luis Von Ahn is one of the leaders of innovation amongst Guatemalan nationals. He is globally known for his creation of the reCAPTCHA form, that is now being used by Google on millions of websites across the world.

He is also well known for his revolutionising ideas in

He received his BS in Mathematics from Duke University in 2000, and later got his PhD in Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in 2005.

In 2006, Von Ahn became a faculty member at the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University.