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Isabella Springmuhl is one of Guatemala's most globally recognised fashion designers, she is renowed for displaying mayan culture into her fashion designs. Isabella is also noted for reportedly being the first fashion designer to have special capabilities.

In 2015, Springmuhl was invited to showcase her work at the Ixchel Museum of Indigenous Textiles and Clothing in Guatemala. It was a success, and she sold out of her collection. She has since grown in popularity, and her designs were shown in Panama. In 2016 her dresses were showcased at the International Fashion Showcase segment of London Fashion Week. In October 2016 she was invited to Rome to showcase her designs. For her contribution to fashion and work, despite her condition, she was voted one of the BBC 100 Women in 2016.

Inspired By Guatemalan Folklore

Isabella has been heavily influenced and inspired by Guatemalan folklore and is renowned for incorporating the mayan roots into her fashion pieces.

Her designs are vibrant with colourful emboidery from old Guatemalan textiles.


"She has her own unique design process. It starts with hand-picking vintage, authentic Guatemalan textiles from her trusted supplier in Antigua which are then taken back to her atelier and worked on by a seamstress and an embroidery expert, all according to Isabella's specifications."


Scalo world is another up and coming fashion designer who like Isabella, is inspired by the traditional folklore fashion design, deeply rooted into the Mayan culture.

The Mayan women have kept the same weaving and embroidery techniques since Pre-Hispanic times, and the symbolism and motifs haven’t changed much either. Mayan traje (traditional wear) links each individual not only with his or her present community but also with their ancestors.

Guillermo Jop

At the forefront of Guatemala’s fashion revolution is runway couture designer Guillermo Jop, head designer for the GUiSHEM brand. The Guatemala City native considers himself a “pioneer of fashion” for his country, and has dressed celebrities including Kristen Stewart, Kelly Osbourne, Julianne Hough, Christina Milian, and Bella Thorne. Jop has worked in Europe, New York City, and Guatemala, with some of the world’s top designers like Donna Karan, Zac Posen, and La Perla. Jop won the La Perla Award in 2004, the Centro America Moda best young designer in 2007, and has been named one of Guatemala’s Top 10 People.

Maria’s Bags

Maria’s Bags was founded by former international model and Miss Guatemala Alida Boer, who received a huipil as a gift while traveling. A huipil is a traditional garment worn by indigenous women from Central America; usually decorated with intricate designs and embroidery, each huipil takes between three months to a year to make. Alida was so struck by the beauty of this Mayan tradition that she wanted to showcase this legacy all across the world—and Maria’s Bags was born. Tote bags are decorated with huipil-style embroidery inspired by the Santiago Atitlan region, and the result is a stylish bag that’s unmistakably Guatemalan.

A partir del 2016 Edgar Navarro se incorpora al equipo como Director Creativo, con quien se ha desarrollado la nueva imagen, dirección y colección de la marca.

Eduardo Figueroa

Eduardo Figueroa’s creations merge high-couture with Mayan designs, something he feels helps non-indigenous people appreciate these traditional designs. “I am inspired by color, and Guatemalan textiles are rich in color,” Figueroa says. “There are people who would tell you that traditional textiles are just for cushions and tablecloths, but I tell them that they can be used in many ways.” His designs have been seen on Guatemalan celebrities and politicians, and he won international recognition for the dress he designed for Miss Guatemala during the Miss World.

Juan Carlos Quintana

After 12 years in couture and luxury fashion, Juan Carlos Quintana established Quintana Couture in 2001, and his London atelier in 2009. Inspired by femininity, luxury and individuality, Quintana’s use of vibrant colors and varied textures stems from his Guatemalan roots. Quintana Couture is best known for designing elegant and luxurious evening wear, red carpet dresses, and bridal gowns, and celebrities including Myleene Klass, Amanda Holden and Jane Asher have all worn Quintana Couture designs.


Designers Diana Samayoa and Ivette Younes are graduates in Industrial Design of Costumes graduated from the University of the Isthmus of Guatemala (UNIS). Both entered the institution in 2010, where they forged a solid friendship that was maintained throughout the race.

In 2015 they decided to unite their creative talents and started the Studio II project, created to contribute to the Guatemalan market a fresh and innovative option in terms of the design of personalized fashion items and / or ready to wear.