Diplomatic Economic Relations

On July 12, 1837, diplomatic relations were initiated with the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Association Agreement -AdA-

A commercial instrument that is focused on the expansion and improvement of trade between Central America and the countries that make up the European Union (28 countries including Croatia) and the Republic of Guatemala. It is valid for Guatemala as of December 1, 2013.



The trade balance of Guatemala with the United Kingdom presents a stable and surplus trend, derived from the fact that is exported more than what is imported, with an average annual variation of 81.6% from 2010 to 2017. The commercial exchange in 2017 amounted to US $ 138.5 million, accumulating up to the month of August US $ 80.1 million, presenting an average annual variation of 5.9% from 2010 to 2017.

Competitiveness Index:

According to the reports published by the World Economic Forum and the World Bank, the United Kingdom occupies in the year 2017 the following position:

Global Competitiveness: 8

Doing Business: 7

Competitiveness in Travel and Tourism: 5

Trade Facilitation: 8



In 2017, Guatemala exported US $ 98.6 million to the United Kingdom, registering an average annual growth of 11.2% for the period 2010 to 2017, accumulating up to August 2018 US $ 53.1 million. The main products that Guatemala exported to the United Kingdom, with their amount in dollars and their respective participation in the total of products exported in 2017, are the following:

Sugar US $ 19.9 million and 20% participation;

Legumes and vegetables US $ 16.0 million and 16% participation;

Alcoholic beverages and vinegars US $ 14.3 million and 15% participation;

Coffee US $ 10.2 million and 10% participation;

Fresh, dried or frozen fruits US $ 9.6 million and 10% participation;

Sugar molasses US $ 5.6 million and 6% participation;

Beans US $ 5.2 million and 5% participation;

Cardamomo US $ 5.1 million and 5% participation;

Banana US $ 4.3 million and 4% participation;

Iron and steel US $ 2.0 million and 2% participation.

Other products US $ 6.4 million and represent 6% of participation



In 2017, Guatemala imported US $ 39.9 million from the United Kingdom, registering an average annual growth of -2.0% from the period from 2010 to 2017, accumulating to June 2018 US $ 27.0 million.

The main products that Guatemala imported from the United Kingdom, with its amount in dollars and its respective participation in the total of products imported in the year 2017, are the following:

Vehicles and transportation material US $ 15.2 million and 38% participation;

Alcoholic beverages and vinegars US $ 5.6 million and 14% participation;

Machines and mechanical devices for electrotechnical uses US $ 4.7 million and 12% participation;

Plastic materials and their manufactures US $ 2.8 million and 7% participation;

Pharmaceutical products US $ 2.2 million and 6% participation;

Miscellaneous products from the chemical industry US $ 2.0 million and 5% participation;

Manufactures of paper and cardboard US $ 1.5 million and 4% participation;

Medical instruments and other US $ 1.2 million and 3% participation;

Other manufactures of common metals US $ 0.7 million and 2% participation;

Clothing products US $ 0.5 million and 1% share.

Other products US $ 3.5 million and represent 9% of participation



According to the information published by the Banco de Guatemala, direct foreign investment that United Kingdom (England) carried out in Guatemala during the year 2017, amounts to US $ 27.0 million, with 2.4% of participation of the total received. The main investment sectors are:

Telecommunications - US $ 19.2 million;

Trade - US $ 3.1 million;

Agriculture, oil, mines and quarries - US $ 3.1 million

Manufacturing industry US - $ 0.8 million.

Other activities - US $ 0.8 million.

As of June 2018, the accumulated investment amounts to -US $ 16.5 million and -3.0% of participation within the total received for direct foreign investment. The trade and manufacturing sectors are those who record this information.



The Latin American Trade & Investment Association (LATIA) is an independent non-profit organisation established in 2010. LATIA is the only organisation in the UK whose members are the Trade and Investment agencies and Embassies’ Trade and Investment Officers of 19 Latin American countries.

LATIA Members are:
Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Our Goals:

To provide a platform where members can develop UK-based joint actions to attract Foreign Direct Investment, boost exports and promote the internationalisation of Latin-American companies.

To enhance Latin American’s presence in the UK by making the Latin American Investment Forum (LAIF) a “must attend” event in The British trade and investment calendar.

To promote dialogue and strong links with the UK trade and investment sector.

LATIA coordinates and implements a strategy to attract foreign direct investment, boost trade and promote the internationalisation of Latin-American companies, contributing to the socio-economic development and commercial engagement with the UK.

Through its annual Latin American Investment Forum (LAIF), LATIA presents a unique opportunity to investors and business communities to hear about the latest developments and investment projects in Latin America, allowing LATIA member countries to develop alliances with important UK government organizations and other public and private institutions.

The forum, LAIF, was presented in its first edition in 2011, having been its original promoters, Brazil, Chile, Guatemala and Mexico, having been these four countries who founded LATIA, origin of everything.

For a sneak peek at the 7th Latin American Investment Forum - LAIF 2018 "A Connected Future for Latin America and the UK", forum that brought together the main authorities of the industry and global investors.

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